Extremely Creative

An online contest and exhibition aiming at promoting peaceful coexistence, tolerance and dialogue between cultures and faiths. Young volunteers are the author of the exhibition, participating with their own photos, sketches, cartoons, drawings, memes that sends powerful visual messages and promoting peaceful coexistence between cultures and religions.

Extremely Tolerant

An online campaign consisting of 12 short videos that spread messages of universal value. Every episode focuses on a precise value promoted in religions such as Islam, Christianity or Judaism. The aim is to deconstruct the myth that religion incites to violence and to highlight the fact that all religions and faiths have the same messages as their core teaching: love, tolerance, mutual understanding, compassion.

Extremely Informed

An online campaign to challenge violent narratives by spreading the true interpretation of sacred writings which extremists use to legitimize their violence. Different experts and scholars explaining the topics according to scriptures from a historical and sociological perspective, challenging extremist/violent interpretations and hate-oriented religious rhetoric. This action has both prevention and countering purposes.

Extremely Critical

An online campaign consisting of creating short videos to deconstruct, expose and challenge extremist propaganda through critical thinking and reasoning. This initiative aims to develop critical thinking tools and is mostly targeting youth, that has already become sensitive to extremist ideas.

Extremely Ethical

An online campaign aiming to counter-act hate and violent driven speeches on social media and engage with young people to develop a responsible and ethical form of communication online. An online platform where people can further debate around this issue will also be made and supported.

Extremely Aware

Action consisting of a combination of online and offline activities taking the form of lectures, workshops or debates with teachers and experts who work directly with the target audiences.

Extremely Inclusive and Open-Minded

An online campaign that aims to promote cultural diversity and mutual understanding by learning about other cultures. Through a set of 7 videos; young people from different backgrounds, cultures share their values and perspectives. Once people get to know each other, they are less likely to be hostile. The videos presents young people from 14 to 20 of age engaging in a dialogue with each other.
Prevent Radicalization among Youth

Extremely EUnited


Offering alternative narratives and empowering youth


Challenging and countering extremist propaganda


Coaching youth to develop critical thinking skills


Raising awareness