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Extremely EUnited

About Us

Extremely EUnited is a project funded by the European Commission, aiming to prevent the spread of radicalization among youth in Europe. The initiative started from the need to safeguard the lives and the future of younger generations, who run the risk of being lured by extremist propaganda and whose innocence is exploited for criminal purposes. In doing that, Extremely EUnited appeals to those universal and european values which represent the indispensable conditions for building a peaceful and cohesive society, in which there is no place for hatred and fanatism. The project is mirrored in the following countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Hungary, Kosovo, Sweden and Estonia.
Due to rhetorics displayed by radical groups/person in the digital world, the project assigns an important role to the action on-line, by building videos, podcasts, drawings and other tools to empower the voices of young people who spread peaceful messages and promote values of mutual respect and empathy. Moreover, off-line events are organized to offer young people a space to express their creativity, favouring social interactions. Our approach is innovative as it not only targets youth as a potential vulnerable audience, but it also allows young people to play an active role in countering violent extremism by giving them the tools to promote peace, tolerance and fundamental European values.

Extremely EUnited

Prevent Radicalization among Youth


Offering alternative narratives and empowering youth


Challenging and countering extremist propaganda


Coaching youth to develop critical thinking skills


Raising awareness