Prevent Radicalization among Youth


What can bring together youngsters with different religions? What is common both to Islam, Christianity and Judaism? Extremely Tolerant will try to respond to these fundamental questions through the realization of some stunning videos. Sometimes, we think that religion justifies violence, but it’s just men who justify that. Indeed, the core teachings of religions are: love, tolerance and mutual understanding. We propose to young people a marvellous trip in search of ourselves and a universal meaning which may be valid for these three religions.

An online campaign that will consist of creating 12 short videos that spread messages of universal value. Every episode will focus on a precise value promoted in religions such as Islam, Christianity or Judaism. The aim is to deconstruct the myth that religion incites to violence in any way and to highlight the fact that all religions/faiths have the same messages as their core teaching: love, tolerance, mutual understanding, compassion.

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