Prevent Radicalization among Youth


How could we improve life on the internet? Social networks allow us to keep in contact with others and to have a lot of fun. Yet, hate and bullying deprive social networks of their magic. Are there any rules which improve the quality of our online relations? Through a series of videos we explore the ways to counter hate speech and bullying on the web. We are looking to hearing from you! This campaign provides a collective and safe space where people can make their voice heard on the topic concerning how to use social media in a proper and ethical way. It will ultimately aim to counter hate and violence driven speeches on social media by encouraging young people to develop a responsible and ethical form of communication online. With the creation of videos, we emphasise that freedom of expression has some ethical limits that are necessary in a democratic society and explain the legal aspects of the freedom of expression according to Art. We support an online platform where people can further express their viewpoint in order to create a big social community which may influence the conduct of the young people in Europe. We would like to hear your voice… your opinion means a lot to us!